With contributions by over 30 artists, the posters you see on our homepage are available for free download and can be printed in A4. Stick them up wherever they might be seen: in your windows, common areas and notice-boards. 
To show your support and spread the campaign’s message, share one of the artworks, or a picture of yourself with a printed poster* on social media, using the hashtags #artna #forourland.

✏️ When posting on social media, please credit the artist and include a link to this website. You are free to download the poster, print at home, and share on social media but not permitted to sell it or make money from it in any other way. 

Illustrations on the right by Moira Scicluna Zahra 👉🏾
Support NGOs
Instead of paying for the artworks, we strongly encourage you to support a number of local NGOs that are doing us all a huge service in trying to protect the land that sustains us. We’ve listed just a few below, with the idea that money that might otherwise go to the artworks, which are being offered free, will be donated. These groups can only function with support from the public (that’s you and I), whether through membership, volunteering, or donations. 
Our country needs more people to get behind these organisations to help push the authorities to take real action. The more people get behind this movement, the more likely it is that we will start seeing change.

Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA)

FAA sets out to fight for the protection of our natural and cultural heritage, promoting sustainable development, campaigning for better laws and policies, or protesting against weak ones. They promote and develop positive initiatives and eco-projects.

Become a member | Donate

Friends of the Earth (Malta)

FOE campaign on some of today’s most pressing environmental and social issues, by engaging the public directly through a wide range of diverse projects and activities. They create and participate in vibrant campaigns and raise awareness on a number of pertinent national and international issues.

Become a member | Donate
Moviment Graffitti is active against the oppression and exploitation of people, the environment and animals. They work relentlessly to put pressure on the authorities on issues such as social & political injustices, and are a constant voice of caution & fairness in the theme of over-development.
Zibel is the go-to NGO when it comes to plastic waste and litter. Having organised hundreds of clean-ups over the recent years, they join forces with anyone and everyone to clean up what’s been done, spread awareness about the situation and share all that they know, for a brighter tomorrow. 
Established in 1962, BirdLife is the oldest environmental organisation in Malta, committed to the protection of wild birds and their habitats. BirdLife work towards conserving global biodiversity and the sustainability of natural resources. 
Nature Trust is one of the oldest and largest environmental NGOs in Malta, dealing with the natural environment of the Maltese Islands. Over the years it has worked hard to get legal protection for a number of local endemic species, helping to save them from extinction. 
One of the biggest contributors to the loss of green spaces in Malta is the widening and building of roads. Those in power prioritise car travel over everything else, which results in unavoidable traffic, dangerous air pollution and unsightly construction and sound pollution. BAG promote the use of the bicycle as well as campaigning for safer roads and better infrastructure.
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