Mass Execution - Peter Magro
I came up with this idea funnily enough whilst teaching an art lesson - I basically asked the students to draw what they found beautiful in general for that day. To my surprise (and perhaps horror) a student chose to draw a crane. I asked the student why he had chosen this, to which he poignantly answered - "Well that's what I see most around me." I did not blame the student, in fact he's right. I then remembered my days as a student where the first thing that came to mind when thinking of beauty was a tree - then again, I was thankfully exposed to these sights more than children nowadays. Regarding the work, I felt that the only way I can embody this feeling is by portraying trees being hung in mass execution style by none other than cranes - their spiritual replacement. This is a 0.2 version of 'Mass Execution' - given a bit more time and technique.
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