Environmental degradation is everywhere you look in Malta. Roads are widened in favour of green spaces, wildlife is dwindling and threatened by hunters, monstrous blocks are built in place of buildings of heritage, construction waste piles up high. Cars dominate and there is no emphasis on cycling or other sustainable modes of transport - as a consequence, air pollution is one of the worst in Europe. Our shores are littered by plastic and local waters by unregulated fish farms. We strongly believe that what’s left of our collective environment needs heavy protection and restoration. This is what led us to launch Artna.
Artna (the Maltese word for ‘our land’) is an online exhibition of illustrated posters. As a newly-formed community of creative illustrators, we felt compelled to come together and create a response to the ongoing destruction of both our natural and built environments. Like many others, we’re extremely frustrated by the unsustainable over-construction and general disregard for the environment by successive governments.

Artna is organised by the newly formed Malta Community of Illustrators. The community is run by Moira Scicluna ZahraEd Dingli, Derek Fenech, Magda Azab, Marietta Mifsud, Steven Scicluna & Zack Ritchie . Follow us for a fresh supply of illustration from our talented members, as well as upcoming events.
✏️ When posting on social media, please credit the artist and include a link to this website. You are free to download the poster, print at home, and share on social media but not permitted to sell it or make money from it in any other way. 
Photography by Marietta Mifsud in Wied Iz-Zurrieq 👉🏾

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